New Constitution – Cherington, Stourton and Sutton-under-Brailes Village Hall

A new draft constitution has been based on the Model Constitution for Charitable Associations prepared by the Charities Commission, but with amendments to suit the circumstances of the Hall and the population that it supports.


  • The main change that the new constitution will have in practice will be for the make-up of the trust committee.  The intention is for the election of trustees to be more democratic so that those residents over the age of 18, living in any of the 3 villages, will be eligible to be a ‘Member’ and may attend an AGM and vote on the election of trustees.
  • It will no longer be necessary for specified village organisations to put forward someone to fulfil the role of trustee, however it is envisaged that they would continue to be encouraged to do so.  This allows for new organisations to start up who might be as entitled to a place on the committee as any of those established.
  • Trustees would serve for an initially term of 3 years.  Each year approximately a third of the committee would be up for re-election, so providing for continuity of management, should their places be taken by others.
  • It will be possible for the elected trustees to co-opt a limited number of others who may be regarded as having special skills.


A resolution to adopt the new constitution will be made at the AGM on 27th January 2022. Residents of the 3 villages are welcome to attend to express their views at this meeting.

Link to Draft Constitution:    Constitution 2022