The Hall’s Monthly Draw

There are a few spaces for  new members on our special local monthly ‘lottery’.  You’re welcome to join!

There are three prizes every month of £80, £45 and £30.  The prizes may be smaller than the National Lottery but it’s fun to do and chances of winning are so very much  greater!   Plus, every December sees the ‘double bubble’ with prizes of £160, £90 and £60.

Membership costs just £5 per month.  Payment can be made by standing order, BACS, cheque or cash through Steve Allkins the Finance Manager and Treasurer.  He will be happy to set up your membership for you via email, or give him a call on 01608 686293.

All the monies raised over the prizes help to keep The Hall looking good with things such as regular redecoration, mowing of grass, cutting of hedges, etc.

Come and join us or give membership as a gift to anyone over the age of sixteen!